• The Porta Presso

    Just backed this interesting campaign on here: https://igg.me/at/FNRNGwaNrwM/x/17976826

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    While you appreciate good coffee, you dont have the resources to hand-craft the perfect espresso coffee anytime, anywhere. So we created The Porta Presso to give you a barista experience wherever you are.Traditionally its the job of a barista to accurately brew any given bean into that perfect cup of espresso coffee. However, The Porta Presso has been designed to brew coffee in a specific, precise and consistent way anytime, anywhere.
    The worlds first portable Co2 canister and lithium battery operated espresso machine that is able to grind beans, boil water, extract coffee and heat/froth milk all seamlessly in a compact state of the art device.
    We guarantee that The Porta Presso will produce a barista quality coffee or your money back - no exceptions.
    All perks include world wide shipping.
    With 9 days to go, why not back the campaign yourself. [you]? go here: https://igg.me/at/FNRNGwaNrwM/x/17976826

    The Porta Presso: Portable Espresso Coffee Maker - YouTube
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    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      $43,160 USD raised by 240 backers
      as of the 6th January 2018
    1. Batian's Avatar
      Batian -
      Are the CO2 cartridges available in UK? I suppose they must be since you parted with cash!
    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      yes, plenty of suppliers through ebay. I still use them on my mypressi Twist!
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