• Baratza Sette 270Wi Gearbox Failure

    After only 15 months of use, the grinder's gearbox has failed, and making an awful noise as it attempts to turn the burrs; this also happened to the older model I had, the 270W, so I've contacted Baratza, in the US, and they confirmed that it was a KNOWN issue in the 270W and 270Wi gearboxes, so I'm now hoping that they will replace this part for FREE even though the Warranty lapsed in January 2020.

    Will update soon!
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    1. CoffeeRoast1's Avatar
      CoffeeRoast1 -
      It's an expensive grinder (480) to go wrong. They should have recalled them all if they knew there was a gearbox issue, in or out of Warranty, so good luck.
    1. puckface's Avatar
      puckface -
      They should replace the gearbox if it was a known fact that the original part was failing. Fingers crossed for you.
    1. wonderbOoY's Avatar
      wonderbOoY -
      If its CoffeeHit then I'm sure they'll do the decent thing about this matter.
    1. wolverine's Avatar
      wolverine -
      I'm just looking at buying one of these so it better have the updated gearbox!!!
    1. espressocup's Avatar
      espressocup -
      They're a good grinder due to the unique burr design setup but the plastic this and plastic that ...such as the cog etc, does make you question how long they'll last, but things like the gearbox and motor must have longivity at it's heart! At least Baratza, have addressed the gearbox malfunction and have redesigned it so there should be no more issues, so credit to them for acting, and anyone who's gearbox has failed should get it replaced for free whether in or out of WARRANTY as so many users suffered this inconvenience.
    1. Jackman Jake's Avatar
      Jackman Jake -
      @HarryM did you get a replacement or you still waiting for a reply?
    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      Yes, I've heard from CoffeeHit, Baratza Manager, and the gearbox is being provided for free for me to install if I pay the postage, but there's a delay in sending out the replacement part due to being inundated with orders, so the wait continues...
    1. Tristan II's Avatar
      Tristan II -
      harrym, how did the new gearbox fit? I see others have had the same dreaded issue on these expensive grinders.
    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      @Tristan II, it still hasn't arrived yet!
    1. DarkBean's Avatar
      DarkBean -
      These grinders are a copy the Etzinger grinder but far better built and much more expensive.
    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      yes, the etzMAX Grinder manufacturer is the company who designed and made the Baratza Sette grinders; the etzMAX Grinder is 5 x the price of the weight based Sette 270Wi
      Quote Originally Posted by DarkBean View Post
      These grinders are a copy the Etzinger grinder but far better built and much more expensive.
    1. wonderbOoY's Avatar
      wonderbOoY -
      @HarryM how's it going now?
    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      the replacement gearbox finally arrived on Friday, 22nd May, and carefully installed; the old gearbox cogs were completely Shot/GONE to mush over time; the new gearbox cogs are still plastic but designed differently.
      Frustratingly, after screwing everything back, and redoing the Firmware, the grinder FAILS to make a sound or movement; checked the wire connections, and all was correct, but still nothing; the LCD screen operates fine, and shows the preset button weights from before, and when I press the START button, it just goes to 0.0, with the green light flashing underneath it, so I'm now thinking that the Motor should have been replaced at the same time, as the 2 are connected together; I do see American users have been given the complete new motor and gearbox to install, so gets me thinking this could be the case!
      Anyway, have contacted CoffeeHit, again!
    1. DrGreenbeanz's Avatar
      DrGreenbeanz -
      @HarryM, that's nearly 3 weeks you've had to wait for CoffeeHit to deliver - I know delays are happening due to COVID, staff isolating etc, but 3 weeks? wow! By what you've said about the motor, I agree!
    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      Finally, after a Micro Switch clip issue, resolved, and a spade connector snapping on another plastic micro switch, and after a bit of soldering, I got it to fire up again; what a relief!
      Reminds of the days when I used to work on the Reliant Robin; it wasn't called the plastic pig for nothing!
    1. Tristan II's Avatar
      Tristan II -
      Good job harry, but what faffing about. Have a look at the weight based grinder Melitta Calibra for a fraction of the price of the Sette.
    1. efickie's Avatar
      efickie -
      Thanks for your experience and updates sure is helpful.
    1. DarkBean's Avatar
      DarkBean -
      Glad you sorted it out!!
    1. triplex's Avatar
      triplex -
      @HarryM how was Baratza UK service?
    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      John at CoffeeHit was under pressure and lacked support so the part was very slow to arrive; nearly 4 weeks, due to Covid-19 and being under staffed, but he responded well, as did Baratza Customer Support in the USA; I don't know how many times I took the grinder apart, but I feel confident that it'll last far longer than before due to the improved quality and design of the updated gearbox.
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