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    I'm getting into the habit of making a good siphon/syphon brew with my Cona 'science' tubes and all I can say is that it's a learning curve and getting it to the right strength and temperature is an art but an interesting method of brewing. Have you tried it [you]?
    What Syphon equipment do you have?
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    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      Some useful Cona Syphon and brewing guide here: Cona Guide to Brewing

      I have a vintage Hario Syphon Nouveau (Hario NCA-3 - Manufactured: 1989 - 2014)
      Coffee Syphon Maker
      Size = W 230mm x D 140mm x H 340mm, 3 Cups = 360ml = 12oz

      best glassware you can buy, and other vintage Cona Syphons!
    1. Jackman Jake's Avatar
      Jackman Jake -
      Thanks for the advice, I'm off to buy a Kitchenaid Syphon.
    1. hellofriend's Avatar
      hellofriend -
      Is there a difference in the cup when you compare it to filter coffee?
    1. efickie's Avatar
      efickie -
      I find the coffee a tad hotter than I'd like, but a clean smooth cuppa joe!!
    1. Twango's Avatar
      Twango -
      I have to agree with you and any newbies to syphon coffee brewing, but with a bit of skill you can achieve around a 94c water temperature with a bit of stirring. I've moved on to the Behmor Brazen Plus.
      Quote Originally Posted by efickie View Post
      I find the coffee a tad hotter than I'd like, but a clean smooth cuppa joe!!
    1. allycat's Avatar
      allycat -
      here's a great user syphon diary: Vacuum Coffee Pots: Vintage Vacuum Pots
      more Cona Info:
    1. hellofriend's Avatar
      hellofriend -
      Thanks for the info @allycat. Off to buy a Hario 2 cup version.
    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      Best to buy a micro syphon burner

      Syphon, Intelligentsia on Vimeo
    1. wonderbOoY's Avatar
      wonderbOoY -
      useful info here thanks guys

      Saw the Diguo TCA-3C electric syphon with temperature control............looks functional enough but a little wary of the glass handle though.
    1. allycat's Avatar
      allycat -
      Best to also get the Diguo Syphon Permanent metal filter which produces a clean brew with no fine sludge/sediment at the bottom of the chamber - fits most syphon brands such as Hario, Yama, and Diguo.
    1. jgran77's Avatar
      jgran77 -
      So yes, I have tried siphon extraction and like it very much.
      I read this reference:
      Vacuum Coffee Pots: Main Page
      and found a cory rubberless on the auction site. It's the DNU/DNL set like this one:
      It works fantastic with the glass rod.
      Totally worth the time to learn how to use it.
    1. espressocup's Avatar
      espressocup -
      a useful PDF Yama syphon tip list here:
    1. Jackman Jake's Avatar
      Jackman Jake -
      This is the only way to get a true clean cup of Joe.
    1. jgran77's Avatar
      jgran77 -
      Sweet Maria's tip sheet is helpful, thanks for that link.
      regarding the tip -

      ● Make sure the outside of the bowl is dry or it can crack when you turn on the flame.

      I agree completely. I didn't once and shattered a perfectly nice glass base. Live and learn.
      But totally worth the effort to learn this style of extraction.
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