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    To ze coffee beans shop Sawa
    representative: SenSawa Hiroji

    Yamato-shi, Kanagawa Chuorinkan
    6-1-17 Tel Ando Fax 046-293-5512
    store sales 11:00 to 18:30 Wednesday Closed
    Denentoshi Odakyu Tokyu Approximately 3 minutes on foot from Chuomorinba, Central Line Terminal Station
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    The Orphan Espresso LIDO hand coffee grinder features:

    • All aluminum stacked plate construction
    • Dual bronze axle bearing system
    • 38 mm conical steel grinding burr
    • Locking stepless adjustment mechanism below the burr
    • 8 oz thread on glass catch jar
    • Two position handle
    • Measures 11 1/4″ high, 3″ in diameter, and
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    There's a great tutorial just posted here which will give you a guide on what tools you need, and a step-by-step guide on how to get a great coffee roast using your Popcorn Maker.

    the topic is here:

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    Tokyo has its share of great coffee shops, including:

    Tully’s: Tully’s, is an excellent choice in Tokyo because they are everywhere. Tully’s has all of the same coffee drinks as Starbucks, but they also have a few new interesting variations that you may want to try. These include Tapioca Royal Milk Tea, Ginger Milk Tea, and Pink Grapefruit Swirkle – perfect for the hot summer weather. Tully’s also offers Wi-Fi at every coffee shop so that you can work, research, or surf the Internet. Their prices are fairly comparable to Starbucks.

    Doutor Coffee: Doutor Coffee offers an excellent Matcha Latte, and they can also be found on almost every corner in Tokyo. They have delicious iced coffees and juices, so try for yourself and see.
    Starbucks: Where are you supposed to go when you’re out of other options? You can start at the beginning with Starbucks, of course. Starbucks in Japan is somewhat different because they not only have their standard sizes, but they also have an extra small size in case you just need a little bit of coffee to tide you over.

    Of course, Tokyo has many more cafés that you can try while walking through the city, so don’t hesitate to check out something new.

    here's an extensive Coffee Shop review here:
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    Coffee Strengths Guide

    Not all coffee tastes the same and coffee varies in strength. To determine the strength of a coffee, a number of things are important, including the origin of the coffee. However, perhaps the main process in producing a certain strength of coffee is the roasting of the green beans. Roasting changes the coffee beans both physically and chemically, affecting the taste. Good quality coffee roasting requires an expert to manipulate different roasting techniques to bring out not just the strength but also the countless different flavours and aromas.

    As the coffee beans loose moisture from the roasting, they start to increases in volume and decrease in weight. This causes the density of the coffee bean to alter the strength of the coffee. So the strength of coffee is determined by the length of time the beans are roasted for. The time it takes to roast the coffee beans can vary from 2 to 30 minutes in a 180 to 280 degree roaster. Coffee roasting takes place in large units that tumble the green beans, making sure that all the beans are equally being exposed to the heat.

    Learn more about how roasting is crucial to creating different strengths: Mild Coffee, Medium Strength Coffee and Strong Coffee below...

    Mild Coffee

    Because the strength of coffee is determined by how long coffee beans are roasted for, beans for mild coffee are only roasted for a number of minutes; normally between 2 minutes and 10 minutes. During this time the beans will pop twice and double in size, which is all part of the process. Roasting coffee in this way, to create a mild strength, is actually the most popular way throughout the world as it is ideal for your everyday cup of coffee.

    If you like milder coffees try some Yirgacheffe Coffee. With a strength of 3 this coffee is perfect for those who enjoy a lighter drink. Yirgacheffe, which is a 'washed' coffee, remains one of the most renowned coffees in the world. It's origins lie in the Yirgacheffe region in the southern highlands of Ethiopia. Yirgacheffee is lighter bodied and although it has a clean taste, there remains a complexity and deepness, perfect for a cup of coffee at anytime of the day.

    Medium Strength Coffee

    Coffee of medium strength is roasted slightly longer than mild coffee; normally between 10 to 15 minutes. The same process occurs with two pops and a doubling in size of the coffee bean. When a medium coffee roast has finished, the beans will appear quite dry. However, the appearance is completely different to the taste, which is far from dry and instead often mellow and sweet with a great smelling aroma. Medium roasts make for a fuller bodied coffee, making it ideal for your breakfast cup of coffee from from a cafetiere or filter machine. However, if you like a fuller bodied coffee in general, then most medium strength coffee is great for drinking at any time of the day.

    If you are looking for a medium strength coffee to try at breakfast then try Oromo Harar Coffee. A strength 4 coffee with very natural flavours, which lends its name from the eastern Ethiopian region, Harar. Through sun drying the coffee in the fruit cherry, Harar develops a brilliant gamey and blueberry aroma with a full bodied, yet smooth and chocolaty finish.

    If you would like a good medium strength coffee, which can be drunk at any time of the day, try Sumatra Coffee. This is a premium coffee from the Gayo Highlands in Indonesia, it is grown organically and traded fairly. It offers an exciting taste which remains exceptionally smooth despite boasting a distinctively deep flavour, complimented with herbal highlights.

    Strong Coffee

    Strong coffee is roasted for the longest amount of time, simply because the longer you roast coffee beans for, the stronger the coffee becomes. Strong coffee is most likely to be roasted longer than 15 minutes, yet it still goes through the same process as mild and medium strength coffee, with the beans popping twice and doubling in size. After roasting the beans will appear quite oily. Strong coffee will most likely taste quite toasted and it goes without saying that it tastes far more powerful than medium and mild strength coffees. Strong coffees are perfect for those looking to have that 'coffee kick', without the need to have an espresso.

    If you want to give a stronger coffee a try, we recommend you try Oromo Limu Coffee. This is the darkest roast of the Oromo fair trade coffee range and makes for a brilliant after dinner coffee. This coffee from the south west region of Ethiopia, has a good body and is the perfect finish to a long meal with good friends. It is smooth with a long chocolaty finish.
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    Unimax 555si

    “The Unimax 555si micro roaster brewer has a cozy 5 cup capacity. This
    is a small Total Brewing System. Using one half ounce of green beans,
    this machine roasts, cools, grinds, and brews 5 cups of coffee. Great
    for home use. “
    Priced at $287.00 + shipping.

    Unimax 585si

    “Unimax 585si is the medium sized Total Brewing System. You can brew 8
    great cups of coffee with this model, choosing between several roast
    settings and enjoy fresh roasted coffee any time away from crowded
    shops in the comfort of your home.”
    Priced at $455.00 + shipping.

    Unimax 425si

    “Unimax 425si is the large capacity Total Brewing System with a 10 cup
    capacity. Not only can you blend your own beans, and choose your type
    of roast, but this machine mills your coffee to one of 9 different
    grinds. This machine is excellent for the home user who is a serious
    coffee drinker or for the small office.”
    Priced at $765.00 + shipping.

    “Please e-mail us your order. Please send delivery address, and item
    number and quantity for shipping quote outside of the U.S.A.”

    Leonard and Paula E. Pope,
    Hawaiian Scene
    Box 305,
    Lihue, Hi. 96766
    Fax 1-808-338-0419
    Email: pope@aloha.net
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