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  1. I'm Beanlover, from Wrexham
  2. I'm Darpak, from Headington, Oxford
  3. I'm HottopOwner, from Eastbourne, UK
  4. I'm derek, from Sevenoaks, Kent
  5. I'm coffee junkie, from Boston, Lincoln
  6. I'm cutexen, from Tiverton Devon
  7. Hampshire
  8. My Introduction: I'm angelica, from Fort William
  9. I'm mig3d, from Portugal
  10. I'm jekoff, from Sweden
  11. I'm david, from Carmarthenshire
  12. I'm vufinder, from Abingdon, Oxforshire
  13. I'm johnealey, from Evesham, Worcestershire
  14. I'm friedrich, from Germany
  15. I'm Dunstablian, from.....Dunstable!
  16. I'm Keldin, from Surrey, UK
  17. I'm Manchestorian, from Manchester
  18. I'm scorpimo, from the beautiful Moray Firth coast of Scotland
  19. I'm Landre, from Cambridge
  20. My Introduction: I'm ahgee2, from Cambridge
  21. From: Madison, MS. - Forum Greetings
  22. My Introduction: I'm stevo1234, from Birmingham.
  23. I'm Peetoki, from near Worksop, Notts UK
  24. I'm Roastaman, from Cincinnati, Ohio USA
  25. I'm droshi, from texas :)
  26. I'm Beavis, from Brisbane, Australia
  27. I'm DevonDHE, from Exeter
  28. I'm mrw1066, from west yorks
  29. I'm Fluidjax, from London
  30. I'm TimFisher, Liverpool
  31. I'm twistywizard, from Yeovil, UK
  32. I'm DMP123, from Yorkshire
  33. I'm droberts, Nespresso Owner from Northampton
  34. I'm mr_fuse
  35. I'm staceylee, from the Wirral.. Just started my journey learning about coffee
  36. I'm Chris, from London
  37. I'm guardianista, from London
  38. I'm nigelp, from? UK
  39. My Introduction: I'm goldengibbon, from Nailsworth, England
  40. I'm scrubadub, from London
  41. I'm Seamus, from London
  42. Greetings from Manchester
  43. I'm markhooper, from Ilminster - Somerset
  44. I'm Ken O, from London, Ontario, Canada
  45. I'm graysona, from New Zealand
  46. I'm Laura86, from Leeds, UK?
  47. I'm danielr, from Leeds
  48. I'm Joshie, from Denmark
  49. I'm tarlton, from London
  50. I'm Gaspode, from Aylesbury
  51. I'm D9d88, from Alberta
  52. I'm Ice and I live in Kent
  53. I'm Cornish Dave, from Prudhoe in Northumberland.
  54. I'm EN4CER, from Surrey
  55. I'm chrispy108, from Brighton
  56. I'm jitdor, from Singapore
  57. I'm Maxine, Cornwall, East Sussex & spell in France in between!
  58. My Introduction: I'm locomobile, from Lancashire, UK
  59. I'm resonatorman, from Australia
  60. I'm HowdahTea1, from North Berwick
  61. I'm Rob2444, from Greensboro, NC.
  62. I'm danski, from St Helens in Merseyside
  63. I'm 748rosso, from Bournemouth.
  64. I'm magda, from Spain
  65. I'm Currux, from Paris
  66. I'm R Albertini, from Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
  67. I'm eddiethedoc, from Norwich
  68. I'm bordeauxred, from UK
  69. I'm hiver, from Denmark
  70. I'm medicuk, from London
  71. I'm cremacrema, from Edgware, Middx
  72. I'm gene roaster, from N West
  73. I'm simonp987, from Wiltshire
  74. I'm Oddball, from Durham, UK
  75. I'm markbenians, from Berkshire
  76. I'm Munko, from England
  77. I'm bronc, from Bulgaria
  78. I'm ChorltonAsh, from Manchester.
  79. I'm Chris G, from Wallingford
  80. I'm Andreas from Austria
  81. I'm Hobgoblin, from UK
  82. I'm osrix, from hampshire UK
  83. I'm Andrew, from South Yorkshire
  84. I'm DrGonzo, from Birmingham
  85. I'm pbuckley, from Bradford-on-Avon
  86. I'm SimonM, from Manchester
  87. Blokee, from Coalville in Leicestershire
  88. I'm westawr, from London via Auckland
  89. I'm Anton Rodriguez, london
  90. I'm topshot, from Australia
  91. I'm sekiller, from Bratislava, Slovakia
  92. I'm Andrew Dyke, from Oswestry
  93. I'm Nicholas, from Suffolk, UK
  94. I'm pabash, from Ventura, california
  95. I'm MrShades, from Swindon
  96. I'm Kafkaesque, from London
  97. I'm giobaba, from Dresden, Germany
  98. I'm martinjeff, from Lancaster Uk
  99. I'm Elliot, from London
  100. I'm Red_coffee, from UK
  101. I'm dr.lyn,
  102. I'm dave_s, from Ipswich, UK
  103. I'm BeanMonkey, Falkirk in Scotland
  104. I'm flips, from Norway
  105. I'm Nekromantik, from UK
  106. I'm Tim, from Ipswich
  107. I'm theoldman, Sunny South Wales
  108. Hi, I'm Frederic from Germany.
  109. I'm coldplayer, from Darkest Essex
  110. I'm SadikYP, from UK.
  111. I'm mark2012, United Kingdom
  112. I'm robti, from Hamilton, Scotland
  113. I'm Baloo, from Petersfield in Hampshire UK
  114. I'm bigmacbaker, from Wallington, Greater London
  115. I'm celtic man, from Australia
  116. I'm soundklinik, from France
  117. I'm soundklinik, from France
  118. I'm jtvrg, from sunny Stoke on
  119. Hello from Louisville, KY USA
  120. I'm Habitant, from London
  121. I'm woodmaker, from Derby
  122. I'm SiskMike, from Northern California
  123. I'm samuellaw178, from Malaysia
  124. I'm Tom Potts, from Robertsbridge
  125. I'm nskin, from Skegness
  126. I'm Han Sinke, from the Netherlands
  127. I'm raducarutasu, from Romania
  128. I'm patmcgibbon, from rural Hampshire
  129. I'm rogerG, from UK but spending lotsof time in Menorca
  130. I'm Milanski, from London
  131. I'm chaswerner, from Indiana
  132. I'm neil, from australia
  133. I'm Irena, from Halesowen
  134. I'm danwilliam, from Worcester!
  135. I'm titanium, from Wokingham in Berkshire
  136. I'm philipwilson, from California, but living in Cheshire
  137. I'm qiongxi0809, from China
  138. I'm OLDBEAN, from UK
  139. I'm waveydavey, Glasgow
  140. I'm Gary, from Market Harborough
  141. I'm Darren, from Airdrie, Scotland
  142. I'm Ian Tainsh, from the Isle of Tiree
  143. Antipodean in Cambridge for a year
  144. I'm seabirdmusic, from Northern Kentucky in the US
  145. I'm Sparky77, Kent
  146. Hi! I'm Mark1956
  147. I'm BobbyOLeary, from Ireland
  148. I'm mathiasrok
  149. I'm Tom Repton, from UK
  150. I'm smasters, from Birmingham
  151. I'm WEJ, from Wales
  152. I'm sofmonk, from UK
  153. I'm rich1970, from kent
  154. I'm sicknote, from Scotland
  155. I'm murraynt, from Ireland
  156. I'm Prnew, from Offas Dyke
  157. I'm graeme, from Penrith
  158. I'm wright6553, from Copenhagen
  159. I'm Alexspam, From Mansfield, Eng via Phelan, Ca
  160. I'm annaqui, from Edinburgh
  161. My Introduction: I'm danieltaylor, from North Wales
  162. I'm DoubleSource, from France
  163. I'm cmb121, from Dunstable
  164. I'm Hazzaman, from Axminster
  165. I'm Jonty-88, from Edinburgh
  166. I'm Graham, from New Malden
  167. I'm Drumbrakes, from Middx
  168. I'm jerrysk8, from London
  169. I'm coffeespot, from Looe, Cornwall
  170. My Introduction: I'm madeyecol, from Sunderland
  171. I'm AndrewJ from the UK
  172. I'm tim, from perth
  173. I'm Vikki, from Worcestershire
  174. I'm michaeljohng, from bolton
  175. I'm pfcdre, from portsmouth uk
  176. I'm stub24, from Durham
  177. I'm Martin from Ilkley
  178. I'm Ryan, from Galway, Ireland
  179. I'm kazzdee, from Dublin
  180. I'm notwen (Ed), from Denmead, Hampshire.
  181. I'm paulmd, from Sheffield
  182. I'm marcuswar, from Manchester
  183. Andy from Edinburgh
  184. I'm mmiller, from cambridge
  185. I'm The Jazzyman, from London
  186. I'm cogs61, from UK
  187. I'm bobpou, from Mytchett, UK
  188. I'm CupPaJoe, from Ickworth, Suffolk
  189. I'm NDFRA, from Swindon
  190. I'm tonyjd, from Norwich
  191. I'm coffeelondon, from Blue Mountain Coffee Europe
  192. I'm Izaak, from The Netherlands
  193. I'm Marcism, from Aus!
  194. I'm twodogs, from Norway
  195. I'm Bernieeccles, from Huddersfield
  196. I'm wotcher1, from London
  197. I'm Padder, from EAst Yorkshire
  198. I'm legofthejive, from Bath
  199. I'm salbrown, from Haywards Heath
  200. I'm whiterabbit, from Dartford
  201. I'm jonathan, from Liversedge westyorkshire
  202. I'm TimMc, from Inverness
  203. I'm SoozieM, from Marlow
  204. I'm Tony, from Somerset, UK
  205. I'm Stringmoth, from Oxfordshire
  206. I'm Bobgreen, from Lincoln
  207. Andrew here from Dunstable
  208. My Introduction: I'm Stealthy, from London
  209. I'm Anthony, from Sweden
  210. I'm Robmalpas, from Crieff
  211. I'm MrB, from Northampton
  212. I'm Sid, from London
  213. I'm diamondd, from Exeter
  214. I'm Gunnar, from Hemsedal in Norway
  215. I'm Keith, from Swansea South Wales.
  216. I'm Claudio, from Italy
  217. I'm ambeck, from London
  218. I'm Tom, from Hull
  219. I'm nbarlow11, from New York
  220. I'm Lee Harrison, from Stamford
  221. I'm mentness, from Blaydon on Tyne
  222. I'm nick.dixon, from Bristol...a newbie!
  223. I'm umbilicalboy, from Lancaster
  224. I'm lesscott, from Fife
  225. I'm rusper, from the south of England UK
  226. I'm moots, from London
  227. Hi, Simon from Haslemere
  228. I'm toni, from Ibiza, Spain
  229. I'm Owen123, from north of the border
  230. I'm David Race, from Droitwich
  231. I'm Philip, from Bury, Lancs.
  232. I'm CharlieJ, from Chorley Lanc.s
  233. I'm JungJongHyun, from Seoul, Korea
  234. I'm blueboyz, from Chester
  235. I'm Neill, from Glasgow-ish
  236. I'm kjutsum, from Sydney
  237. I'm Grimp, from Antwerp, Belgium
  238. I'm bailer, from Northallerton, North Yorkshire.
  239. I'm minasfil, from Rodes
  240. My Introduction: I'm hcrBarry, from West Sussex
  241. I'm Kirky, from Essex
  242. I'm Hankua from Jacksonville, FL
  243. I'm kobugi, Krakow
  244. I'm Bailer from Northallerton
  245. I'm patc, Bagneres de Bigorre
  246. I'm EspressoKing, from Lincoln
  247. I'm pnewill, from the Isle of Wight
  248. I'm titan4wests, from Brisbane
  249. I'm spune, from Bognor Regis
  250. I'm bobkite, from NW Quebec