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  1. For Sale: Copper Canisters and Scoop
  2. For Sale: Copper Coffee Pot
  3. For Sale: Knocktop - coffee tin adaptor
  4. For Sale: Coffee Roaster - Stainless 1
  5. For Sale: ABLE Disk Coffee Filter [for Aeropress]
  6. For Sale: Hario Skerton Hand Coffee Grinder
  7. For Sale: Bellux Coffee Grinder
  8. For Sale: Zassenhaus Nr.185 Coffee Grinder
  9. For Sale: Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder - Mahogany Finish
  10. For Sale: ESPRO Press - 8 oz
  11. For Sale: Magefesa Electro Cafetera Express - vintage 1970
  12. For Sale: Cona REX Coffee Maker - 1950's rare electric model
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  14. For Sale: Vintage Manual French Copper Coffee Roaster