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  • Popcorn Popper Coffee Roaster

    This is by far the best quality Popper I've tried so far as it being suitable for Coffee Roasting as well as popping the odd cup of corn! Forget the crappy 10 machines...they just won't work for decent coffee roasting! .

    Unlike other popcorn makers that have an outer plastic 'inlet' chamber with a limited circumference, this one is wider, and is made of metal, with a metal edge; see pics:

    also the important part is side hot air vents, not base vent!!
    You can get a great coffee roast in as little as 7 minutes with 3 brief 15sec rest periods in between. See our dedicated Popcorn forum for more tips and some great video tutorials here:

    Popcorn Popper Coffee Roaster Forum

    Brand: Giles & Posner - decent quality and good wattage.

    I will be sending this as New and Boxed, as it's never been used!

    Your Price: 22
    (Retail normally: 38)
    Postage: 6

    Private Message me if you're interested!
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