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  • Vintage Whitmee Coffee Sample Roaster (1920)

    just acquired this! It runs on electric and gas. An electric motor powers each cog of the 4 drums, and the gas of course roasts the beans; each drum can be run independently as and when required!

    Whitmee sample roaster. A "sample roaster" is a device used by either a coffee importer or roaster to roast small samples (usually around 4-6 oz or so) of green coffee.

    The purpose of the roaster is to allow evaluation in the cup of the taste and aroma of samples of certain coffees.

    In the hands of a coffee importer, the "cupping" of the resulting beans helps establish how good or bad the large lot (probably ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds in size) the sample has been drawn from actually is, which will help the coffee trader set the price of the lot.

    In the hands of the hands of a coffee roaster, the cupping of the traders' samples helps the roaster compare the coffees' cup quality to it's price. The roaster can do a better job of finding the sort of taste and quality the are looking for at the price they can afford to pay - coffees, even if they are from the same country or village, will seldom taste the same, so doing some sort of quality assessment of the roasted coffee is key.

    What do you think?

    I have this FOR SALE from late September 2013!
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    1. WendyM's Avatar
      WendyM -
      very nice apparatus!!
    1. EricT's Avatar
      EricT -
      let's know the price when you're ready!!
    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      now For Sale here:

      Click to Purchase the Coffee Sample Roaster - 4 Barrel Setup
    1. hottoproaster's Avatar
      hottoproaster -
      I like that shame I don't have a gas pipe in the workshop
    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      this is now sold!
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