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  • UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine - for sale

    For Sale -After some years in the making (2012), and a Kickstarter event, UniTerra have finally launched the UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine to the masses. It features a double action pump, 9 bars of pressure ( no pressurized filter basket involved!), and takes 17 grams of freshly roasted 'fine' ground coffee.

    The basket size in Nomad is the same as the La Pavoni Europiccola 49mm two cup filter basket P-68. It is 49mm in spec but measures 50mm exact. It is enough for a crema rich double shot espresso.

    Nomad is not a device of compromise. It completely functions like a true lever machine while simplifying the operation and increasing the success rate of what's involved in pulling a shot of great espresso.
    Seeing users using Nomad for the first time pulling top notch espresso shots rivaling those from trained baristas and seeing the Nomad becoming an indispensible part of their coffee lifestyle. During the Kickstarter campaign there was much skepticism that a simple small device could produce great espresso shots that would rival those made by trained baristas using advanced professional machines. However, once they received their Nomads the doubters became converted enthusiasts and reported how shocked they were at the superb results produced by their Nomad. "I have to say, best Kickstarter project I've received, and the only Kickstarter project that delivered exactly what they promised, I am pleased to say Nomad has exceeded my expectation of ... how you don't need an expensive industrial machine to pull a very nice cup of espresso." "this is one of the most professional products I've received from Kickstarter. Beautiful design and build, well packed and a pleasure to use. I have quite a few coffee machines including a La Pavoni Lever and this is so much easier to use and produces a great crema" " I feel confident that I can make lattes better than the best coffee shop here in Vancouver, and you can use that as a testimonial" "This isn't just a well-designed espresso maker; it's a work of art"
    It's totally portable, and all you need is a flask of water, a hand grinder, a tamper, and your 2 thumbs!

    Nomad Specifications:

    Size 17cm X 17cm X 15cm (WDH)
    Water Capacity 300 cc (10 oz.)
    Filter Basket Size 50 mm
    Weight 1.18 kg (2.6 lbs) (dry)
    Brewing Pressure 6 – 9 bars (87 - 130 psi)
    Pressure Gauge Range 0 – 14 bar (0 – 200 psi)

    Let us know if you have bought one!

    Price: £225 plus Import Fees
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    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      Available For Sale here: Home Coffee Roaster Hub
    1. tonyY's Avatar
      tonyY -
      Interesting. Been looking for something portable. Thanks for posting.
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