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  • Profitec Go Espresso Machine

    Comparing this to the Rancilio Silvia M, the spec and price difference is chalk and cheese.

    The Profitec Go range are made by ECM based in Hieldelberg, Germany, and are of a higher quality, and 200W more powerful than the Rancilio Silvia M.
    It Weights: 13 KGs

    The Profitec Go uses any 58mm portafilter holder, and only takes 6.20 minutes or less to heat up; as the unit beds in, the temperature heat up time will lower to around 5 minutes; it's worth noting however that the heating time is affected by the water temperature from source, so fill water at room temperature to speed up the boiler heatup time; it has an insulated 400 ml brass boiler with a copper heating element, and copper water piping; it has an intuitive PID LED controller display with an optional ECO mode function that auto turns off the machine after a period of time you've choosen to shut the unit down; the factory set brew temp is at 92c which is user adjustable, but lighter roasts should be set around 95c ideally, and lower for darker roasts; the PID also incorporates an auto Shot Timer; it has a larger Pressure Gauge than the standard pressure gauge you get on espresso units; the unit has a useful Pressure OPV adjustment function at the top of the unit (7.5 bars is ideal for lighter roasts). It has a larger 2.8L water reservoir, with a deeper drip tray, and a more powerful insulated steam wand!

    As a new Profitec GO user, I do find it more light weight than the heavier 14KG Rancilio Silvia, and the machine can be moved about when attaching the portafilter holder. The Profitec GO's portafilter holder is also lighter than the Rancilio Silvia! The water container can be removed easily to wash out, and you can also attach a water filter to the inside metal nozzle if you so wish.
    The overall impression of the machine is bigger than the Rancilio Silvia, and looks an awesome machine with presence!

    Comes with a 2 Year Warranty.

    Comments 7 Comments
    1. beans64's Avatar
      beans64 -
      The Profitec Go has a new no-burn steam wand and new PID software v1.06 with faster heat up time...
    1. aRthriTIS's Avatar
      aRthriTIS -
      The firmware versions were from v1.01 to the latest v1.06 which has the faster heat improvement.
    1. EagleAlaska's Avatar
      EagleAlaska -
      It looks a fab unit with all the bells and whistles so thanks for the review.
    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      Yes, it's a well built machine for the money £800; and a whopping near 1K in Australia!

      The good thinking behind it's operation is that you have to follow the heatup procedure before you can pull a shot; once the boiler has come to the PID temperature, it then shows FLU on the PID which means that you must now do a flush for around 20secs until the rdY/GO shows up on the PID, then you turn off only the espresso button, and you're ready to do your shot, so the machine ensures the grouphead is up to temp before the shot!
    1. Yukon Man's Avatar
      Yukon Man -
      I read that the Silvia pro only takes 5 minutes to heat up for a it a wild claim like the profitec go?
    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      yes, I'm beginning to believe it is a wild claim of 5 minutes as a sales gimmick to sell it, because I'm still waiting around 6.20 seconds or so, then a 20 second flush has to follow; so that's 6.40 mins to start your shot!
    1. HarryM's Avatar
      HarryM -
      From Autumn 2024, a new model is launching called: Profitec MOVE Profitec | MOVE

      guesstimate on price: £1850

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