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    by Published on 5th July 2012 05:00 AM  Number of Views: 17001 
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    A Warm welcome to the new Home Coffee Roaster Hub

    The site was created as there isn't a main site for all Home Coffee Roaster Owners to meet together under one roof, so we hope you'll join us and be part of our Club where you can share your machine experiences, get advice, give advice, and get tips and obtain Roast Profiles etc...

    I'm looking for 1 Moderator's and Contributor's who'll help me build the site with useful info and much more...any suggestions about what you'd like to see included, are most welcome!

    Thank you, and hope you'll Register soon!
    by Published on 3rd July 2012 05:00 AM     Number of Views: 11355 
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    - Start the roaster on Auto mode, but program it with maximum time and maximum temperature possible (I think that is 25:00 and 428 F.), and the default fan speed of "0%." There are times when the program will drop the heat or change the fan speed. Watch carefully as these take place and override them using the panel controls to keep the roast going as described below.
    - Start the roaster and allow it to go through the preheat cycle (never add beans before the preheat cycle completes). Allow the "Add beans" signal beeps to take place, and then wait for the roaster to reach about 230-250 F. Add beans at about 240 to 250 F.
    - After about three minutes or so after adding the beans (or when it smells a bit damp or grassy) run the fan at 25% to 50% for about thirty seconds to clear out the humidity, then turn the fan off.
    - You want to control the drying time. When the temperature display indicates about 290, start lowering the heating element power and try to hold the indicated temperature in a range of about 300-325 F. Do this by adjusting the fan and heating. Hold the temp in that range until the beans just begin to go from green and begin turning tan. If you do have a bean temp probe, you are trying to get the beans up to about 300 F which marks the approximate end of the drying phase. When the beans hit about 290-295 it is time to turn up the heat.
    Just as you see the green fading away, turn the fan off (if it is on) and set the heat to 100% again. In NO CASE should you allow the temperature to drop. Holding steady is OK as is a slow rise. It takes a bit of experience to know how to set the heating element, but pay attention to what happens and you will quickly figure it out.
    - At about 325 F (or when you first start to see smoke), set the fan to 25% and consider this the minimum fan speed for the remainder of the roast. If smoke starts coming from other areas of the roaster other then the rear filter, turn the fan up to maintain sufficient airflow through the roaster. The speed required is dependent on the age of the main filter.
    - Allow the roast to continue, pressing a button (other than EJECT !) when you hear a beeping. After the "Add Beans" signal beeping, there are two times when this may occur. See the manual for details- Page 17. If you have a very recent model and the beans have ejected early it is probably from the new safety measures. Download the updated manual from the Hottop website and refer to page 14.
    - At the first clicks of first crack (or just before), set heating element to about 75%. As First become a bit more active set the heating element to about 50%. near the end of first to about 30%. The beans will be exothermic and the temperature will continue to rise, slowly. At NO TIME should the temperature be allowed to drop. If the temperature seems to be rising too quickly, switch the fan speed to 50% or more as necessary, for only as long as necessary. Remember, do not let the temperature drop..
    - The goal of dropping the temperature at the beginning of first crack is to get a time span of about 4 minutes between the beginning of first crack and the beginning of second crack. Another way to look at this is that you are trying to achieve a pause of two minutes between the end of first crack and the beginning of second crack.
    - Just as (or a bit before) second starts, set the heating element back to 100% and the fan speed at 50%-75%.
    - Eject when the desired level of roast is achieved. For my house blend for espresso I am going about 10-20 seconds into second. If there is a rule (and thee isn't other than what tastes good for you) it would be to use a slightly darker roast for more basic outfits (like Silvia and Rocky) and the lighter (early second crack) roasts for better outfits (like a HX machine and Mazzer).
    - Allow the cooling cycle to complete, and when prompted, save the program in one of the three memory areas. This will make it easier to use next time since you have overridden the various temperature changes and fan adjustments in the auto program. Make a note of the roast and area where it was saved since these three memory locations cannot be named in the machine for reference.
    * Use this as a beginning foundation and modify it as your needs and taste dictate. For example, for drip I would use a smaller mass of beans and add the beans at about 275 F or so to shorten the total roast time, and eject about midway between first and second, or just as the first click or two of seconds sounds off.
    * Be aware that even after saving the profile you will still need to monitor and manually control the roast to achieve the best possible results. Small changes might be necessary from batch to batch to get perfect results.

    Credit: Randy Glass
    by Published on 3rd July 2012 05:00 AM     Number of Views: 6720 
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    Article Preview

    The best cleaner to use to get rid of crud that, if kept unclean, can taint and affect your roast etc is called Urnex 'Cafiza' and easily removes those brown stubborn layers after a short soak! Be sure to pay particular attention to the rear temperature sensor, as this can get stained. If cleaning inside the drum, be sure not to not drip cleaning fluid around electrical wires!

    [IMG] ...
    by Published on 11th January 2019 10:57 AM
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    2. Coffee Roasting In Japan

    To ze coffee beans shop Sawa
    representative: SenSawa Hiroji

    Yamato-shi, Kanagawa Chuorinkan
    6-1-17 Tel Ando Fax 046-293-5512
    store sales 11:00 to 18:30 Wednesday Closed
    Denentoshi Odakyu Tokyu Approximately 3 minutes on foot from Chuomorinba, Central Line Terminal Station

    by Published on 15th May 2014 11:00 AM  Number of Views: 7603 
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    We're looking for 2 Coffee Roaster Advisers' who have experience in Home Coffee Roasting Machines; as well as Coffee Roasting generally, who will be able to advise Member's on purchase advice and roasting issues accordingly.

    If you feel you can help with the above and can maintain decorum around the various forums here at the
    Home Coffee Roaster Hub, then do kindly get in touch!

    If you feel you can help us, then kindly send me a message, thanks!
    PS. Fringe benefits apply!
    by Published on 28th January 2013 06:25 PM  Number of Views: 3923 
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    2. Coffee Roaster In Argyll and Bute

    Home Ground Coffee Ltd is a family-run coffee roasters based in Cardross in the West Coast of Scotland.
    We offer specially selected single-origin coffees and carefully balanced blends, freshly roasted to order by Alastair, our master roaster.
    Home Ground Coffee Ltd
    Lyleston West Lodge
    Cardross. G82 5HF


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