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    by Published on 17th May 2022 10:08 AM
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    For Sale -After some years in the making (2012), and a Kickstarter event, UniTerra have finally launched the UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine to the masses. It features a double action pump, 9 bars of pressure ( no pressurized filter basket involved!), and takes 17 grams of freshly roasted 'fine' ground coffee.
    The basket size in Nomad is the same as the La Pavoni Europiccola 49mm two cup filter ...
    by Published on 13th May 2022 10:07 PM  Number of Views: 36 

    here's my setup...

    Launched onto the market in November 2018.

    I've bought OE grinders in the past, and haven't had an issue, so just picked one of these hunks up for just under £300 new, but is it worth the retail £525 UK price tag?

    With 78 to 75mm flat 'Ghost' burrs; is it a good deal?:
    The hopper holds around 80grms of beans

    • Hardened Stainless Steel nested Deep Cut Triangular Prism Tooth Burr Set
    • Rotational Burr 78 mm, Stationary Burr 75 mm
    • Stepped Grind Adjustment 20 Steps
    • Not suitable for Espresso or Turkish Grind
    • Made in Taiwan

    The Orphan Espresso Apex is the world's first and only flat burr manual coffee grinder! The Apex uses a Ghost Tooth Burr set, and when combined with the moderate speed of manual grinding, the result is a clean, and uniform grind.
    The Apex hand grinder is designed for all coffee brewing methods (but NOT suitable for Espresso or Turkish coffee).


    • Hardened Stainless Steel nested Deep Cut Triangular Prism Tooth Burr Set - commonly called a "Ghost Tooth Burr" (Rotational Burr 78 mm, Stationary Burr 75 mm)
    • Stepped grind adjustment has 20 steps for grinding from fine through coarse settings
    • 1 to 4 Planetary Gear Drive delivers optimum speed for efficient operation
    • True Left or Right Hand operation - The ghost tooth burr delivers the same excellent grind result in either rotational direction. In fact, due to burr geometry counterclockwise grinding is slightly easier - perfect light roasts or hard beans (but it is not quite as fast in this direction)
    • Affix to work top for one handed operation, or use the supplied reusable, non-marking, silicone anti-slip gel pads for smooth counter top placement
    • EPD coated aluminum Chassis with Roller Bearing Mounted Stainless Steel axle for stable burr alignment, and strength (5 bearing sets are in the Apex!)
    • EPD coated Cast Zinc Body/Base
    • Removable Silicone Base cover
    • Hand Made Glass Catch Cup

    how to clean:

    for 20g of beans, it will take around 1min to grind; will post more feedback soon...
    by Published on 12th July 2021 03:31 PM     Number of Views: 386 

    I now have a new version 2020sr for sale; I've only used it for testing so not heavily used; price: £300 delivered!

    available here: [For Sale] Behmor 2020sr Coffee Roaster
    by Published on 17th September 2020 07:39 PM
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    2. Coffee Roaster In Singapore

    Contact: Jeremy Thong
    Schibello Coffee Roasters, Club Street, Singapore.
    by Published on 3rd May 2020 09:48 AM

    After only 15 months of use, the grinder's gearbox has failed, and making an awful noise as it attempts to turn the burrs; this also happened to the older model I had, the 270W, so I've contacted Baratza, in the US, and they confirmed that it was a KNOWN issue in the 270W and 270Wi gearboxes, so I'm now hoping that they will replace this part for FREE even though the Warranty lapsed in January 2020.

    Will update soon!
    by Published on 11th January 2019 10:57 AM
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    To ze coffee beans shop Sawa
    representative: SenSawa Hiroji

    Yamato-shi, Kanagawa Chuorinkan
    6-1-17 Tel Ando Fax 046-293-5512
    store sales 11:00 to 18:30 Wednesday Closed
    Denentoshi Odakyu Tokyu Approximately 3 minutes on foot from Chuomorinba, Central Line Terminal Station

    by Published on 28th December 2017 10:12 AM
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    On my recent trip to Hong Kong at the beginning of December 2017, I met up with the former World Barista Champion, Chan Chak Sum, who truly impressed me with 3 versions of his intricate works of Latte Art I've seen to date; it took around a minute or so to produce, but well worth the wait, with such smooth micro foam to savour gently down; enjoy:

    [IMG] ...
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