[For Sale] mypressi Twist Pressurised 21g Coarse Filter Basket

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New and Unused! Forget the mess, and try the easy way with this pressurised COARSE ground coffee basket meaning you can weigh up to 18 grams of coarse ground coffee into the basket without the need to tamp.
This pressurised basket fits up to 21g (14-18g is fairly standard) of coffee and is designed to be used with any store-bought pre-ground coffee, or with any type of burr grinder including those aimed at the budget-conscious coffee-lover. If you use a high-end grinder please try the standard basket for more professional results.
The basket is 53 mm in diameter and contains 3 layers of precision-formed stainless steel.

The upper layer is similar to a standard basket in that it provides a multitude of holes through which the espresso can flow after moving through the grounds. The middle layer has a pin-hole that restricts the flow of espresso so that at a standard extraction of around 25 seconds can be achieved with almost any grind. The final layer condenses the espresso that exits the pinhole and directs it towards the lower bowl in a steady stream while also retaining the heat of the extraction.

This basket is an improvement over the v1 pressurized basket that only provided 2 layers and provided a lower temperature extraction. You can use this basket directly over a cup without the lower bowl and spouts in place for an even hotter shot.

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Thread: [For Sale] mypressi Twist Pressurised 21g Coarse Filter Basket

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